We’re Bowery Farming

Your new neighborhood farm, right outside of Baltimore.

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Bowery sustainably grows wildly flavorful, safe produce in Nottingham, Maryland. As a local-first farm we believe in supporting the communities we serve, hiring Modern Farmers from our own backyard, and giving as many people access to fresh food as possible.

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Leafy greens and herbs grown indoors year-round.

Farming at Bowery

Vertically grown, indoors.

Bowery turns industrial spaces outside of cities into smart farms. Indoors, our Protected Produce flourishes naturally without having to worry about unreliable weather, pollutants, or pests.

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Fully traceable.

Bowery tracks every plant seed to store, monitoring for quality and safety every step of the way.

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Picked at their peak.

We harvest greens when they’re most flavorful, ensuring our produce arrives at your local grocer at peak freshness.

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Why We Grow

Everyone deserves access to fresh, local food.

Bowery is proud to distribute our greens to local grocers and non-profit organizations fighting food insecurity. Our partners include the Maryland Food Bank and DC Central Kitchen, who are instrumental in supporting the local community.

D.C. Central Kitchen Volunteer Cooking

Fight Hunger with Bowery.

Join Bowery in the fight against hunger in our own community! Click here.

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