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Indoor farm in Maryland thriving amid pandemic catches eye of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue

Modernizing and embracing change in traditional agriculture could help preserve farms and enhance their ability to bring fresh, healthy products to consumers, Perdue said at a tour of Bowery’s Maryland farm.

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How this company plans to keep produce safe in the age of coronavirus

Watch our CEO and Co-Founder, Irving Fain, share with CNBC how Bowery is supporting retail partners with a safe, reliable, and consistent supply of produce.

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How toxic waste and robotic farms could save us from global drought

Bowery Farming is innovating the agriculture industry by growing crops using 95% less water than a traditional farm.

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How Sustainable Food Chains Thrive Amid Global Pandemic

While many facets of the cold chain experience hiccups during the COVID-19 crisis, vertical farms and sustainable solutions help to maintain waste and energy in the supply chain.

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Indoor Farming Emerges as a Reliable Source for Fresh Food as Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc on Traditional Food Supply Chains

The coronavirus has laid bare many issues in America’s food supply chain. Could indoor farming be the solution? Irving Fain, CEO of Bowery Farming, joined Cheddar to discuss.

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Revolutionizing Agriculture With Bowery, The Modern Farming Company

Bowery is a modern farming company growing pure produce and revolutionizing agriculture.

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