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Bowery Farming’s Irving Fain on Food, Sustainability, and Growing the Farm of the Future

As the founder & CEO of Bowery Farming, [Fain’s] excitement for the future of agriculture is contagious; his relentless push to make agriculture more sustainable has led to advances in vertical indoor farming.

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Climate-Tech Startups to Watch in 2021

Bowery Farming named among top 46 climate-tech startups to watch in 2021.

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The city’s high-tech vertical farmers have been boosted by pandemic demand

Bowery, which is headquartered in Chelsea, has raised $173 million to build a system of indoor vertical farms that it says is among the largest and most sophisticated in the nation.

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Fortt Knox x Bowery Farming

At a time when we’re thinking about healthy food and locally grown food, Bowery Farming is applying technology to the problem.

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How indoor farming is shaping the future of the agriculture and curbing climate change

Bowery Farming Founder & CEO joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move panel to discuss how the vertical farming company has expanded into more than 650 U.S. stores.

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A.I. gets down in the dirt as precision agriculture takes off

Bowery Farming, based in New York, is building vast indoor farms where every aspect of the growing conditions, from temperature and humidity to the amount and type of light, can be controlled.

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