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Bowery Farming Partners with The Nature Conservancy to Support Rewilding Efforts Through ‘Rewild the Land’ Initiative

Bowery Farming, the largest vertical farming company in the U.S., is proud to announce a partnership with The Nature Conservancy for Earth Month.

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Bowery Farming Focuses on Sustainable Food Chain With Vertical Farming Process

Bowery Farming’s vertical growing process allows it to cultivate 13 types of greens — and now, strawberries — in a sustainable way that’s also faster than traditional farming.

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High-tech strawberries arrive at city markets

For three years, a team of agricultural scientists at Bowery Farming have been testing dozens of strawberries, looking for a cultivar that would grow well at the firm’s indoor vertical farms.

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These strawberries were grown in a New Jersey warehouse — and they may revolutionize how Americans eat

The berries, which taste the same during the peak of summer and depths of winter, are part of an ambitious effort to change how fruits and vegetables are grown and how Americans eat.

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The Biggest Vertical Farm in the U.S. Wants to Give Strawberries a Try

After success with salad greens and herbs, Bowery Farming—backed by celebrity chef José Andrés—is tackling the tough-to-grow fruit.

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Vertical Farm Expands From Greens to Better Berries

José Andrés taste tests some of the latest crops at a warehouse in Kearny, N.J., owned by Bowery Farming Inc., a 7-year-old company that’s grown into the largest vertical farming operation in the U.S.

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