Your Indoor Garden State

Our first farm serving the Tri-state.

Industrial Revolution

Indoor Revelation

Our Kearny Farm sits on the former site of The Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Company—a shipyard that built ships for the U.S. during World Wars I and II.

Stackin’ Up Green Bowery can grow more than 5.5 tons of produce per day across its farming network.

Meet a Few of Our Modern Farmers
Plant Whisperer,
Breakfast Guru
Romi, a team lead at Bowery, keeps our plants happy and smiling. “I love cooking up an omelette with Baby Kale!”
Master of Stacks
Shaneef is the Master of Stacks, both hydroponic and sandwich style. “For me, I enjoy Baby Butter—it goes great on my sandwiches!”
Garnish Expert
Diego, an Ag Tech at Bowery puts the science in salad. “My favorite green is cilantro! I love to add cilantro at the very end of my rice and beans for a nice little splash of green.”

BIG FLAVOR, RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD Our Kearny Farm serves the communities closest to where we grow. That means fresher, tastier greens make it onto your plate faster than traditionally grown herbs and lettuces.


Discover unreal flavor near you


Where good is always growing.

At Bowery, we believe everyone deserves access to fresh, local food. Our local Kearny Farm partners, Table to Table and Teens for Food Justice, both work tirelessly to create equal access to fresh food in our communities.