Reimagining farming from the ground up

Right outside of cities, we’re growing wildly flavorful, sustainable, and safe produce indoors.

Bowery Farm Indoors

It starts with a single seed.

Instead of focusing on seeds developed for drought or pest resistance, our agricultural scientists explore non-GMO varieties that deliver vibrant flavor in every single leaf.


Selected for maximum pepperiness and delicate, velvety mouthfeel.

Grown in the great indoors.

Bowery turns industrial spaces into smart farms where crops are stacked vertically to maximize space. Every seed is protected from unreliable weather and defiantly free from pollutants or pests.

When compared to outdoor operations, our indoor farms can yield 100 times more produce in the same space thanks to our vertically stacked design that grows crops year-round.

With hydroponics, LEDs, and controlled air conditions, our plants receive the ideal balance of nutrients, light, oxygen, and CO2.

Our closed-loop system circulates purified water to oxygenate plants and significantly reduces water consumption.

Tended to with precise care.

BoweryOS, our proprietary farm operating system, provides our modern farmers with a granular view into the wellbeing of our plants while making nurturing updates in real time.

From sun-loving Basil to temperate Bok Choy, BoweryOS creates an individualized climate for every crop.

As plants grow, a network of sensors and cameras continuously collects data about their health.

If a crop seems unhappy, BoweryOS updates its environment through automated sensing and robotics.

When plants have reached their optimal flavor and quality, BoweryOS alerts farmers to pick at peak freshness, ensuring produce hits shelves within days of harvest.

BoweryOS documents the entire journey from seed to store, which not only makes every package of our greens fully traceable, but also enables the OS to scale learnings from each crop’s life across multiple Bowery farms.

The result? Produce that’s naturally protected and wildly delicious.

In a world of growing population, rising temperatures, finite resources, and food safety outbreaks, we believe the way we grow can have a positive impact — and taste even better than before.

Locally Grown

Fewer Food Miles

More Flavor

Fewer Resources