A New Farm For Charm City

Pesticide-free produce in the Free State.


Forgotten Farmland

Future of Farming

In the 1970s, Nottingham was transformed from farmland to industrial real estate. Today, Bowery’s indoor, vertical farm is restoring this area to its agrarian roots.

Always Growing The Nottingham Farm is 100 times bigger than our first farm in Kearny, NJ.

Meet a Few of Our Modern Farmers
Resident Queen of Greens
Autumn, our Harvest Team Lead, makes the magic happen before your greens hit the shelf. “I love the mustard frills that we grow! I put it in my sandwiches, pasta, or simply eat it plain.”
Aromatics Dept.: Sauce Boss
Luci’s the eye in the sky when it comes to keeping out greens beautiful. “Our basil makes the best pesto and I use it all the time to brighten up sandwiches, pasta, etc. Sometimes when I’m feeling ~spicy ~ I add a small amount of our arugula in too!”
Keeps it Crispy
Rob keeps the wheels turning and our plants reaching for the sky. “My fave is Crispy Leaf by far. Great on a burger, in a salad, but you can’t beat it in a fajita salad or burrito bowl!

Big Flavor, Right in Your Backyard Our Nottingham Farm will will be able to provide access to fresh, local produce for the 25MM people living within a 150-mile radius.


Discover unreal flavor near you


Fresh Greens, Clean Air This farm runs on 100% low-impact renewable energy, which means we avoid using 30MM lbs of CO2 annually.


Where good is always growing.

At Bowery, we believe everyone deserves access to fresh, local food. Our local Nottingham Farm partners, D.C. Central Kitchen and The Maryland Food Bank, both work tirelessly to create equal access to fresh food in our communities.

D.C. Central Kitchen Volunteer Cooking