In the Kitchen

Your Thanksgiving Line-Up Could Use More Greens

November 16, 2018

At Bowery, we’re all about experimenting with trending recipes, especially those that feature an ingredient we’ve never cooked with before. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, the classics take precedence. (We’re sorry, but baking a trendy sweet potato miso pie just isn’t the same thing as a traditional pumpkin or pecan. Your grandparents will definitely agree with us on that one.)

However, there is an area in which the Thanksgiving classics could use some help. Greens are missing in action at the dinner table. The most logical explanation? Finding fresh produce this time of year wasn’t an option until recently. 

But times have changed, and in an effort to honor the classics, we’ve created a few starter and salad recipes to infuse fresh produce into your holiday line-up.