The Future of Farming
is Just Beginning

Safer, more flavorful produce. Grown sustainably indoors.

Bowery Farming started with a seed. Well, actually a handful of seeds and an idea — that to feed a growing population, we need to farm in a way that gives back more to the planet and puts people first.

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Protected Produce

For people who are wildly optimistic, we say ‘no’ a lot. Non-GMO seeds. No harmful chemicals. Only fresh food. We’re on a mission to grow fully-traceable, pesticide-free produce you can trust every time. We can all say yes to that.

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Wildly Flavorful

Bowery’s flavor-forward produce is the perfect blend of taste and tech. Our proprietary operating system, the BoweryOS, gives plants what they need, when they need it. The result is wildly delicious produce that guarantees summer freshness all year long.

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Always Local

We think local means more than ‘close by.’ At Bowery, local means delivering fresh food to more people, growing right outside of cities, and hiring from our own backyards. We’re growing local to build stronger, healthier communities.

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Use Less, Grow More

A smarter farm uses less. Less land, less water, less chemicals. As it stands, agriculture uses 70% of the world’s freshwater. Our goal? Build a farm that gives back to the planet more than it takes.

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Why We Grow

Everyone deserves access to fresh, local food. Bowery is proud to distribute our greens to local grocers and non-profit organizations who are instrumental in supporting our local communities.