Two different berries.
One delicious dilemma.

Introducing our Garden and Wild strawberries.

We created the world’s most delicious strawberry. Twice.

Our berries are locally grown, available year-round, and unbelievably delicious. Now we’re not sure which one is better. It’s a problem we’re not complaining about.

The quintessential summer strawberry — full of juicy sweetness.


Light, delicate foods, whipped cream, simple arugula salads, and sipping rosé at rooftop hangouts.

Nuanced, bright, and floral flavors make this berry a rollercoaster of flavor.


Dark, rich foods, hard cheddar and crackers, dark chocolate, sea salt, and flexing your culinary skills.

Find us at the following NYC locations:

To grow nature’s best berries, you need nature’s best pollinators

Our research showed us the best berries are grown in climate-controlled conditions perfect for bees. So we brought the bees right into our grow areas to pollinate our strawberries.