The lighthearted herb.

We perfect our Parsley by growing it in full-light conditions that reflect its Mediterranean roots.

no gmo
No gmos
Zero pesticides
No need to wash
Locally grown
Picked at peak freshness

We’re striving to find the best packaging for our greens and the Earth. Currently, we use 100% recycled and recyclable materials because most compostables end up in a landfill.

100% recycled materials

Bright, refreshing, and lighthearted

The future tastes delicious.

Bowery Parsley and Garlic Relish
Bowery Parsley Green Gimlet
Bowery Arugula-Parsley Miso Pesto

Eat Parsley

Support Local

Save H2O

Reduce Food Miles

The Bowery Promise

Our appetite to redefine taste and quality is insatiable. We promise to deliver produce at the peak of freshness and flavor. We want to hear what you love, and how we can improve.