Hello, Green Sorrel!

Our latest Farmer’s Selection brings major summer zing.

Limited Time

Hard to find produce. Get it while it lasts.

Bold Taste

Sought after flavors that stand out in any dish.

New To Market

Signature seeds selected by our Modern Farmers.

Available Now Through August

Try it today at select independent grocers as well as Whole Foods Market in the Mid-Atlantic.
How to use Green Sorrel
How to use Green Sorrel
Green Sorrel is a great and different way to brighten up a recipe! Add it to a potato salad for an elevated twist on a classic side dish.
Sami Ginsberg, Food Stylist, NYC
How to use Green Sorrel
Green Sorrel adds the perfect amount of zing. These greens make ordinary roasted potatoes extraordinary.
Shelby Farahan, Communications, Bowery
How to use Green Sorrel
Lettuce for dessert? Count me in. I love adding the tart flavor of Green Sorrel to pinwheels!
Liz Longo, Marketing Coordinator, Bowery
How to use Green Sorrel
I love the bright pop of the Green Sorrel! It adds a refreshing acidity to any dish or beverage.
Paul Wang, Brooklyn, Chef

Our Small-Batch Line-Up

Mustard Frills

Tingly. Fiery. Frilly. No Longer Available

Green Sorrel

Zingy. Sparkly. Tart. Available Through Late-August

What’s Next?

Wait and see! New greens coming Fall 2021.  

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