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Our Partnership with Maryland Food Bank

A proud partner of Bowery Farming, this food bank has been leading fight against hunger in Maryland since 1979. Since 2019, we’ve partnered with Maryland Food Bank, donating resources, time and 45,000 pounds of fresh food.

Maryland Food Bank
Meet a Few of Our Modern Farmers
Resident Queen of Greens
Autumn, our Harvest Team Lead, makes the magic happen before your greens hit the shelf. “I love the mustard frills that we grow! I put it in my sandwiches, pasta, or simply eat it plain.”
Aromatics Dept.: Sauce Boss
Luci’s the eye in the sky when it comes to keeping out greens beautiful. “Our basil makes the best pesto and I use it all the time to brighten up sandwiches, pasta, etc. Sometimes when I’m feeling ~spicy ~ I add a small amount of our arugula in too!”
Keeps it Crispy
Rob keeps the wheels turning and our plants reaching for the sky. “My fave is Crispy Leaf by far. Great on a burger, in a salad, but you can’t beat it in a fajita salad or burrito bowl!