We’re growing tastier, safer, and all around irresistible leafy greens. We use resources sparingly, empower local communities, and put people first. The future has never been so delicious.

Bold, luscious flavor.

Vivid flavor is always growing at your local farm.


Cleaner & Smarter

Our tech-powered, indoor growing environment gives plants everything they need to thrive. This means no pesticides, no harmful chemicals, and no GMOs. Our greens woke up like this.

Bowery Basil in Gloved Hand

Brighter Flavor

It doesn’t seem like a revolutionary idea until you taste it: we select our seeds for flavor. Not whether they can make the trek across the country and stand up to pests. The result? Your home-cooking secret weapon, at season’s peak, 365 days a year.

Closer to Home

We build indoor farms close to the communities we serve. This means that we’re harvesting our greens just before they make it to your table. Think of us as that neighbor with the killer (vertical) garden.

Faces of Bowery Farming

Grow More with Less

Conventional farming uses resources like there’s plenty to go around. We both know that can’t go on. Our farms use less: less land, less water, and no pesticides. Our goal? Build a farm that gives back to the planet more than it takes.

Bowery Farm

Everyone deserves access to fresh, local food. Bowery is proud to distribute our greens to local grocers and non-profit organizations who are instrumental in supporting our local communities.