Introducing Farmer’s Selection

A new line of small batch greens with big-time flavor

Limited Time

Hard to find produce. Get it while it lasts.

Bold Taste

Sought after flavors that stand out in any dish.

New To Market

Signature seeds selected by our Modern Farmers.

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First up, Mustard Frills

Available now through April at select independent grocers
How to use Mustard Frills
How to use Mustard Frills
Add Mustard Frills to a favorite soup or stew. A little residual heat makes the greens meld beautifully in broth, packing a spicy kick!
Steph Jack, Product Marketing, Bowery
How to use Mustard Frills
Mustard Frills bring a welcome fiery kick to my simple egg scramble every morning.
Isabella, Brooklyn
How to use Mustard Frills
I love to add Mustard Frills into a side salad to give it a spicy boost! It’s a perfect complement to a sweeter main dish.
Paul Gauthier, AgScience, Bowery
How to use Mustard Frills
Mix garlic cloves, butter, lemon zest, and Mustard Frills in a food processor. Enjoy compound butter on bread or baked potatoes.
Mercedes Golip, Brooklyn, Chef
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